Woburn Safari Lodge Wedding Photography with Amy and Lawrence

Amy and Lawrence shared a magical wedding day with their family and friends when they were married at the Woburn Hotel with a reception at the Woburn Safari Lodge. Despite the weather being more 'drab UK' than 'scorching Serengeti' the Woburn Safari Lodge was transformed by Amy and her family into a cacophony of colour containing a myriad of personal touches that really stamped the happy couples personality on the day.

Steel drums provided musical accompaniment as guests enjoyed gorgeous steaks, freshly barbecued on the terrace outside,  with calories being burned later in the day when guests took to the lake in Swan pedelo's !

Amy and Lawrence wanted a relaxed and personal wedding, an occasion where family and friends could come together to celebrate and as you'll see from the images below, they smashed it ! Congrats to you both and thanks for letting me share in your Safari Lodge magic.

Woburn Wedding Photography 01.jpg
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Woburn Wedding Photography 50.jpg
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Woburn Wedding Photography 61.jpg
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Woburn Wedding Photography 64.jpg
Woburn Wedding Photography 65.jpg
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Woburn Wedding Photography 88.jpg

I'm thrilled to be able to post a selection of images from Kelly and Adam's totally stupendous wedding day at the stunning Brocket Hall.

I didn't meet up with Kelly and Adam until a few weeks before their wedding day, but as soon as they started to talk about their plans for the big day, I knew that it was going to be a corker. As you will see from the images I've posted - their day did not disappoint !

Brocket Hall has hosted monarchs, presidents and prime ministers - but on this occasion it was well and truly the domain of the Dukes and the Daglish's, with family and friends travelling from far and wide to experience all that a Brocket Hall Wedding has to offer.

Kelly and the girls looked stunning with Kelly wearing a Pronovias wedding dress and Adam and the guys recreated the Rat Pack era looking as smooth as a cuban Cohiba cigar.

Thanks for letting me capture your day guys, it was a blast.


From the first time I met Hannah and Darren , I knew this was going to be a wonderful occasion, and oh boy, they certainly didn't disappoint.

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at Longstowe Hall, a hidden gem set amongst ancient woodland in the Cambridgeshire countryside. The intimate ceremony took place in the quite spectacular Rose Ball Room, make sure you take a look at some of the images I have posted - it really is a wonderful setting for a ceremony. Afterwards, the guests enjoyed a drinks reception on the sun bathed lawns at the front of the hall while I spent a little time with the happy couple exploring the beautiful gardens.

Hannah and Darren had clearly invested considerable time and effort into the way the marquee was dressed for the wedding breakfast, with wonderful attention to detail. Linda and the staff at Longstowe worked tirelessly to make the day that extra bit special for the happy couple and it was lovely to see the effort everyone connected with the wedding had made to make the occasion all the more memorable.

Here's just a small selection of images that capture the beauty of the location and the amazing day Hannah and Darren shared with family and friends.
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography01.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography02.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography03.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography04.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography05.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography06.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography07.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography08.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography09.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography10.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography12.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography11.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography13.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography14.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography15.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography16.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography17.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography18.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography20.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography21.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography22.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography23.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography24.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography25.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography26.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography27.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography28.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography30.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography32.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography34.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography36.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography37.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography39.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography41.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography42.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography43.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography44.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography46.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography47.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography48.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography49.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography50.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography51.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography52.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography53.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography54.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography55.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography56.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography57.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography58.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography59.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography60.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography61.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography62.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography63.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography64.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography65.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography66.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography67.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography68.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography69.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography70.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography71.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography72.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography73.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography74.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography75.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography76.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography77.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography80.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography84.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography85.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography86.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography87.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography88.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography89.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography90.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography91.jpg
Longstowe Hall Wedding Photography92.jpg

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